Academic Year Organization

Applications/information on nominated students must reach the receiving institution by:

Winter Term

(First Semester)

  • Nominations 1th June
  • Applications 30th June

Spring Term

(Second Semester)

  • Nominations 1th September
  • Applications 30th September
•Conservatory of Music “A. Corelli” - Messina will send its decision within 4 weeks after the application deadline.

• A Transcript of Records will be issued by the Conservatory of Music “A. Corelli” no later than 4 weeks after the assessment period has finished at Conservatory of Music “A. Corelli” - Messina.

The Academic Year is divided in two parts and three exam's period.

First Semester (Primo semestre) Winter Semester : classes will run for 4 months starting on 3th November, exam's period in February (some exams last).

Second Semester (Secondo semestre) Spring Semester: Second part: classes will run for 4 months starting on the 1st March, exam's period will start on June (some exams last)

Autumn period (only exam session): Second exam session's in September/October

To get the ECTS, you need to success the exams during your Mobility IN MESSINA.

Erasmus CODE : I MESSINA04