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Conservatory of Music!

Arcangelo Corelli Conservatory of Music, Messina (Sicily, Italy) welcomes students arriving from abroad in the frame of the Erasmus+ program. Our teaching staff offers a high grade of teaching and is open to work with students from abroad. The Conservatory is situated in strategic and open spot in city of Messina, just few steps from the Tram Terminal and the Tyrrhenian Sea. We do hope your Erasmus+ adventure in Messina will be an unforgettable experience. We offer both bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in a variety of fields such as art, communication and music. But why would you choose to enrol at Corelli Conservatory of Music? Below you can read exactly why studying at Corelli Conservatory of Music is the right pick for you.

La musica non è nelle note, la musica è tra le note.

(Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

How can we help you

You can click here for an overview of our programmes. Are you curious what the Corelli Conservatory of Music looks like? Visit us during an Erasmus Day or book an individual Conservatory Tour! Or maybe you already know which programme you want to study: download a brochure for more detailed information about your programme.